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SatisComm India Pvt Ltd., is one of the leading and India’s largest Sales & Distribution Accelerator, specializing in assisting emerging FMCG Brands in expanding their sales within Indian offline markets. SatisComm’s strength lies in the experience and expertise of its team, as they are backed by seasoned industry veterans with a cumulative working experience of over 150 years.


By leveraging on our industry veterans and our tech-based platform, we provide support to these brands by driving sales according to agreed-upon milestones. This allows the brand partners to focus on their core business operations and marketing activities.


We are looking to partner with brands who are looking to navigate and capitalize on changing consumer trends and increase their sales 100X.


Meet The Founders​

Get to know more about our founders and their journey which laid the foundation of SATISCOMM.

Chandan Nichlani


Mr. Chandan Nichlani, an industry veteran in Sales and Distribution, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Right from the beginning of his entrepreneurship in 1998, with an impressive track record in the field, he has consistently demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills and deep understanding of market dynamics. Mr. Nichlani’s strategic vision, coupled with his relentless drive for success, has enabled him to navigate the ever-changing landscape of Sales and Distribution with ease. His innovative approach and ability to build strong relationships have not only elevated the performance of the teams he has led in Ambika Distributors, Laxmi Enterprises and Sarini trade links but also resulted in remarkable growth and profitability. As a seasoned professional, Mr. Nichlani now continues to inspire and empower the team in Satiscomm India and others in the industry, leaving an indelible mark on the Sales and Distribution landscape.

Hitesh Punjabi

Hitesh Punjabi


Mr. Hitesh Punjabi is a multi-talented professional, combining his expertise as a Chartered Accountant with a deep understanding of counseling and spiritual health. With his unique blend of skills, Mr. Punjabi has co-founded Satiscomm India alongside Mr. Chandan Nichlani, driven by his passion and love for Sales and Distribution. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction and building lasting relationships, Mr. Punjabi brings a holistic approach to business. His astute financial acumen, combined with his commitment to personal well-being, enables him to create a harmonious balance between professional success and spiritual fulfillment. Through Satiscomm India, Mr. Punjabi is dedicated to delivering exceptional value and enhancing the sales and distribution experience for clients and partners alike.


Our Team

Mr. Manish Vanvari

Group Head HR & Leadership Consultant

Mr. Sandeep Singh

ASM, Central India

Mr. Praveen Dubay


MR. Adil Pathan

ASM, Rest of Maharashtra & Goa

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About Us

We are one of the leading “Sales & Distribution Accelerator” in India to assist emerging FMCG brands in expanding their sales within Indian markets.

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